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LED Film Shooting Light factory

With 260 White and 260 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, illumination with variable white balance color temperature from tungsten-daylight 3200-5600K
Video light come with a powerfully packing handbag will protect your LED video light from any possible damage, which pressure is 30kg
Video light comes with 2 NP-F mount battery plates, power supply, you don’t need to worried about the power is ended up
You can replace the product in 1 month for the product function issues. And we provide 1 year maintenance guarantee. Please kindly realize " GVM " brand LED panel light when purchasing.

Color: Black
Bead: 520 lamp bead
CRI: 97+
TLCI: 97+
Color temperature: 3200K-5600K
Power: 31W
Voltage: DC15V
Battery output: DC 14.8V
Input voltage: 110-220V
Power source: Power adapter or Sony f550 f750 f960 Li-ion battery
Package size: 40.5x40.5x14cm
Light weight: 1.87kg
Package weight: 4.69kg

Package Content:
1 x LED video light
1 x Soft filter
1 x Power adapter
1 x Power cable
1 x LED video light kit handbag
2 x Batteries and chargers

Product Description:
GVM-520LS support you to adjust the brightness and color temperature at the same time. The GVM digital panel series has an outstanding color rendering index of 97+ and lights consistently. Meanwhile, the dual power system, digital display and 360 degree rotating U-shaped brackets improve your light setup and stabilization system
Equipped with barndoors can gather light and better protect the light bead of the video light, and prolong the service life of the video light
Equipped with a bracket soft plate in portrait photography by soft and shiny skin color, without dazzling problems
U-shaped frame can rotate 355 degrees, multi-angle shooting will be a great help
Do these come with barn doors?
No , it isn't come with barn doors for this ASIN.

I compare GVM 520LS to this item set, and found this set is much cheaper than GVM520s, is any difference?
Yes, of course. We add 2 more function for GVM520s. 4 Group Parameter collect function, and 12 channel function. You can see https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0792PP88F for details.

Is this kit adequate for lighting a 10'w x 12'h backdrop setup in room 15' deep? Or is an upsize to the 520LS kit recommended?
It is adequate , but if you need more brighter, you suggest 520 kit or 672 kit. Please see these ASIN : B0792R6KBS ; B0792P5ZRG

Does it come with remote control?
Hi, it doesn't come with remote control for this ASIN. Thank you.

Does this come with the soft plate stand off diffuse? Are the "bracket" filters the one that slides in next to the light itself?
No the bracket screw into the light panel they have two sets of different lengths. They are wider than the light itself though, I bought barn doors for the lights and extra batteries as well.

You can just plug these into a wall and them work without using batteries correct?
You also can use 2 batteries to support, or you can plug into a wall.

Where can I get the batteries from?
If you order this ASIN, 2 batteries and 2 charger are available. All the SONY NP F750-770 is suitable for these light.
How do adjust color temperature? And brightness?
Adjust the color temperature and brightness by twisting the knob. Adjust the color temperature range is from 3200k-5600k; Control the brightness between 10% and 100%.

We deeply wish to provide customers with the first-rate products and service. Any question kindly please don't hesitate to contact us. A specialist will be in touch with you shortly.LED Film Shooting Light factory