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    Rules Forums Rules

    |No Microposting, Spamming Posting short responses or spamming a post with multiple responses. Reposting the same posts or response multiple times or recreating a locked thread. If done multiple times punishment is a tempban to the account or permanent ban! Minimal tempban is 1 days. |No...
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    Rules Mods/Clients

    Below are list or predetermined modifications that are approved by management, followed by short list blacklisted modifications. This is not a complete list, and there are plenty of other blacklisted modifications not included here. The general rule of thumb is that if a mod gives an unfair...
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    Rules Discord Rules

    Rules Always be kind and courteous. A channel is just as much yours as the next player. Give the respect you want to receive. No spam,Or excessive character spam. No links may contain advertisements of any kind including server ip’s, pornography, racism, or disturbing links, You only can say in...
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    Rules Server Rules

    |Chat Rules SkyDreams asks everyone to please be respectful and kind to everyone in chat. This means no racism, no disrespect towards players or staff, no inappropriate content, and language a minimum. Chat spamming will result in a mute to a temp/instant ban on SkyDreams. Advertisements of...
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    Update Voting

    Use the Following links to vote for the server each day and earn 1500 VoidDust on top of supporting the server! https://minecraft-server.net/vote/SkyDream http://minecraftservers.org/server/483828 https://mineservers.com/server/tKnsRnkn/skydreams